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a network for artists of faith 

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As an Artist of Faith, do you feel like an outsider? Are you trying to navigate the space between Church and Culture? Maybe your particular artistic calling doesn't really fit within a Sunday morning worship setting, but the faith that inspires your art isn't embraced or encouraged by popular culture. 

You are not alone. 
#BeAnIcon is a place where we can share, support, and celebrate the unique ways that each of us reflects the image of our Creator.  1 Peter 4:10 reminds us to "use whatever gifts we have been given to administer God's grace in its various forms."  So our prayer is that God's infinite creative excellence will indwell His Church and transform culture through us.
We are His creative icons – dedicated to reflecting our Creator.

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Explore resources to help you become the icon that you were created to be.



We're producing a docuseries that helps you discover and unleash your creative purpose by exploring the creativity of Jesus.

Watch Creative Icons: Episode 1 for FREE!



Currently the hashtag #BeAnIcon is used by Instagram models and influencers wanting to be "iconic."
Help us redeem the hashtag!
When you catch a Creative Icon reflecting The Creator, take a snap and post it with #BeAnIcon on your favorite online platform!

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